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Loudspeaking Telephones, House Telephone Systems & House Exchange Systems

Loudspeaking Telephones

Loudspeaking Telephone Set, Type: No.1, Year: 1976
8A 708 716 35B
Control Unit: 8A Telephone: 708 Telephone: 716 Control Unit: 35B
The LST1 is a non voice-switched loudspeaking telephone instrument which is powered by exchange line current. It consists of three parts: a 700-type two-tone grey table telephone containing a loudspeaker in place of the dial; a light-grey control unit incorporating a microphone, dial, on/off key, a volume control and a light which shows when it is switched on; and a wall mounted amplifier unit which is mounted in a light grey plastic case.

Loudspeaking Dial Telephone Loudspeaking Telephone
Type: LST2 Type: LST3
Year: 1961 Year: 1970
The LST2 loudspeaking telephone is a voice switched instrument housed in a polished mahogany case, measuring 443mm x 203mm x 215mm. The LST3 is a non voice-switched loudspeaking telephone instrument specially designed for use in hospitals and research laboratories, where there is a high risk of contamination and possible infection. It consists of three units housed in sealed white enamel cases: control unit, amplifier unit & loudspeaker unit.

Loudspeaking Telephone
Type: LST4D
  Year: 1973 (Refurbished: 1982) View Inside
The LST4 is a voice switched loudspeaking telephone instrument housed in a two-tone grey metal cabinet which measures 164mm x 437mm x 279mm and weighs 7kg.

LST4 (Courtesy of Nigel Maggs) LST4 (Courtesy of Nigel Maggs)
Push Button Loudspeaking Telephone
Type: LST4E   Year: 1976
The LST4E voice switched loudspeaking telephone instrument is based on the LST4A, but housed in a wood trimmed metal cabinet and fitted with a push-button keypad, in place of a dial.

LST No.8 [Courtesy of Tim Jenkins] Amplifier & Loudspeaker No5
Accord Loudspeaking Telephone (No.8) Amplifier & Loudspeaker
Type: LST8 Type: No 5
Year: 1982

Colour : Light Grey


Doric Loudspeaking Unit Easikom Loudspeaking Telephone
Type: 11A Type: 12A/1
The Doric loudspeaking unit is an add-on unit, which when used in association with any handset telephone, provides full voice switched loudspeaking telephone facilities. It measures 248mm x 134mm x 51mm. Made in Japan for BT by Panasonic, model: KME8831
Dialing: LD & MF
Colour: Stone
Year: 1987
  Item Code: 870235

House Telephone Systems & House Exchange Systems

House Exchange Telephone No.1 710 [Courtesy of Robert Adamson] House Exchange Telephone No.4 [Courtesy of Ray Sutcliffe] Grey HES No.4 Telephone [Courtesy of Tim Jenkins]
House Exchange System No: 1 House Exchange System No: 3 House Exchange System No: 4 House Exchange System No: 4
Telephone Type: HES No.1/2A Telephone Type: HES No.3/1 Telephone Type: HES No.4/1 Telephone Type: HES No.4/1F
1 exchange line & 6 stations Year: 1973 Year: 1981
  Close up of buttons View side  View buttons View Inside View Inside
HES No: 2 was similar to HES No: 1, but had provision for 2 exchange line & 11 stations This was also known as the Keymaster 1+5 and had provision for 1 exchange line & 5 stations This was also known as the Keymaster 2+10 and had provision for 2 exchange line & 10 stations This was also known as the Keymaster 2+10 and had provision for 2 exchange line & 10 stations

502 House Telephone Plessey Control Telephone N1906D Plessey Control Telephone [Courtesy of Eurwyn Jones] BT Pathway
House Telephone System No:2 Control Station Telephones for
Plessey Secretarial System Mark. VI
BT Pathway Headset Telephone
Type: 502 LD Dial Version  MF Keypad Version Type: 5031AR
Item Code: 410154 Year: 1971 Year: 1972 Item Code: 870424
Year: 1976 Type: N1906D Year: 1990
View Inside

view inside

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